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The SOMA West neighborhood has a well-known need for trees and greenery. Street trees contribute to a more walkable, livable, and sustainable city. They remove pollutants from air and water, reduce stormwater runoff from entering the sewers, create greener and more vibrant neighborhoods. Street trees connect us to nature and enhance the quality of our daily lives.

SOMA West CBD strives daily to enhance positive perceptions of the western SOMA community, actively improving the pedestrian experience through routine maintenance, greening, and public space activation efforts. The greening of SOMA West is one of our most significant challenges and an urgent priority. We have staff dedicated to maintaining our growing green infrastructure and are looking forward to working with community members on future projects throughout the district. 

Planter Beds 

SOMA West CBD has installed over 50 galvanized steel raised garden beds and over 100 wooden barrel planters that we have filled with soil and hardy, drought-tolerant, pollinator-friendly plants all over the district. 

Sidewalk Gardens

SOMA West CBD partnered with Friends of the Urban Forest to remove 1000 sq feet of concrete sidewalks and installed over 1,000 square feet of sidewalk gardens to beautify the neighborhood, create pollinator habitats, and reduce storm-water runoff. Are you property owner interested in creating a sidewalk garden in front of your property? We can help you navigate the process. 

Empty Treewells 

SOMA West CBD is working with the San Francisco Department of Public Works Bureau of Urban Forestry to fill empty tree wells with new trees or other plants. We are working to plant up to 30 trees by the first quarter of 2022. Check back for updates.