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Projects & Initiatives 

We’re hard at work to bring art, events, and placemaking projects to the neighborhood. The community drives every project we undertake to bring neighbors together, support our small business ecosystem, and foster safe and inviting spaces for everyone.

Streetscapes  & Public Realm 


Lighting is one of the most effective interventions to help transform a place. The right lighting can deter crime, improve safety perception, create a sense of ambiance, and spark wonder and joy in those who encounter it. We’re working with some of the most innovative lighting artists and designers to light up the district in unique and beautiful ways. Check back for updates! 


The SOMA West neighborhood has a well-known need for trees and greenery. Street trees contribute to a more walkable, livable, and sustainable city. They remove pollutants from air and water, reduce stormwater runoff from entering the sewers, create greener and more vibrant neighborhoods. Learn about specific initiatives and services under Greening. 


Public Art 

South of Market has a long and rich tradition as a creative hub of San Francisco. As stewards of the public realm, we see it as our duty and privilege to celebrate and continue this legacy by working with local artists and cultural organizations to create unique artwork to brighten our streets, celebrate our neighborhood, and inspire curiosity in passersby. From our art-wrapped Big Belly trash cans to murals and lighting projects and temporary wheat paste murals, we are here to make art happen in SOMA West. Learn more about specific projects under Public Art.

Public Art


We've been fortunate to partner with some of our amazing neighborhood businesses and organizations to bring joyful celebration and community togetherness to SOMA West. Closing streets down to transform car-centric spaces into pedestrian-friendly plazas allows for community building and rethinking the neighborhood. See some of the past events we've been able to help create. 

Moss Street Block Party

SOMA Sings!

SOMA Second Saturdays


SOMA West Farmers Market

SOMA Second Saturdays 

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