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SOMA West Team 

Christian Martin, Executive Director

Brit Bostic, Chief of Staff 

Matt Allen, Director of Operations

Hanif Hakeem, Director of Outreach 

Erica Waltemade, Director of Placemaking & Communications

Kim Hartwig-Schulman, Office Manager 

Ray Hudson, Operations Manager 

Pandora Noir, Executive Assistant 

Roland Lee, Shift Supervisor 

Marshall Lewis, Team Lead

Kenneth McCarter, Team Lead 

Ewin Moore, Team Lead

David Lewis, Team Lead 

Donald Jonston, Maintenance Ambassador

Bryan Alexander, Maintenance Ambassador

Jason DaSilva Maintenance Ambassador

Reynaldo Lopez, Maintenance Ambassador

Anthony Carter, Maintenance Ambassador

Alex Casillas, Maintenance Ambassador

Antony Jones, Maintenance Ambassador

Bernardo Winston, Maintenance Ambassador

Craig Blay, Maintenance Ambassador

Damien Jones, Maintenance Ambassador

DeAndre Barney, Maintenance Ambassador

Eddie Ballesteros, Maintenance Ambassador

Enrique Cervantes, Maintenance Ambassador

Eric Lee, Maintenance Ambassador

Eric Frank, Maintenance Ambassador

Gary A. Pinkham, Maintenance Ambassador

Gordon Rowe, Maintenance Ambassador

Javon Booker, Maintenance Ambassador

Lawrence Barney, Maintenance Ambassador

LD Darrough, Maintenance Ambassador

Scott Soza, Maintenance Ambassador

Bernardo Winston, Maintenance Ambassador