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About SOMA West 

SOMA West Community Benefit District is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization formed in 2020 dedicated to improving the quality of life in SOMA West by creating a cleaner, safer and more vibrant neighborhood for all.

We are accomplishing this through a robust, data-driven cleaning and maintenance program, public safety and outreach, and projects and events that activate and improve our dense urban environment, as well as celebrate our neighborhood’s rich and diverse history. 

What sets SOMA West apart is that all of our cleaning and maintenance crew are full-time employees of SOMA West CBD, not contractors. While we work with contractors when the need arises, the majority of staff you see every day in SOMA West Uniforms are CBD employees who are paid competitive wages and have full-time benefits. We invest in our employees and their futures, working with them to grow themselves, resumes, and job skills. 

SOMA West is the largest geographical district in the City. The boundaries of the District include approximately 2,765 parcels located on approximately 100 blocks, including blocks and partial blocks bounded by 5th Street and 6th Street on the east, Minna Street and Folsom Street on the north, South Van Ness Avenue, and the U.S. Highway 101 Freeway on the west, and Townsend Street on the south.

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