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The Next Board of Directors Meeting is :

 June 18th , 2024 at 6 pm 

 In our office located at

1066 Howard Street

San Francisco CA, 94103

To join via zoom 

Join Zoom Meeting 

Meeting ID: 896 6323 6265

Passcode: 625817

The June Agenda can be found HERE 

All SWCBD Board & Committee meetings are open to the public. Attendees may address the Board on items appearing on the agenda and not on the agenda, during the Public Comment periods, so long as the matters addressed fall within the scope of the Board or Committee authority. Each speaker shall have up to 3 minutes to address the Board. Agenda & Meeting materials will be made available at the meeting, and in advance upon request to

Current Board Members 

Board Chair: Ryan Dick, Property Owner & Resident

Vice-Chair: Alex Ludlum, Property Owner & Resident

Secretary: Barry Synoground, Property Owner, Resident, Small Business Owner

Treasurer: Brendan Tobin, Property Owner & Resident

  • Adam Mesnick, Small Business Owner
  • Anthony Schlander, Resident & Small Business Owner
  • Brandon McGanty, Property Owner & Resident
  • Carla Laurel, Community Organization
  • Caroline Caldwell, Community Organization
  • DeeDee Crosse, Educational Institution
  • Henry Karnilowicz, Small Business Owner and Resident
  • Jesse Tepper, Property Owner & Resident 
  • Katy Mckee, Resident
  • Kevin Bixler, Property Owner & Resident 
  • Laura Kudritzki, Small Business Owner
  • Lisa Creed, Property Owner & Resident
  • Maria Jenson, Cultural Organization
  • Patrick Eggan, Property Owner & Resident 
  • Randy Maupin, Small Business Owner & Resident
  • Stuart Collins, Property Owner & Resident
  • Tova Lobatz, Cultural Organization 
  • Theo Cincotta, Property Owner & Resident 
  • Marc Morozumi, Small Business Owner 
  • Michelle Peterson, Property Owner Representative 


  • Executive
  • Safety & Services
  • Nominations
  • Finance & Governance
  • Neighborhood Identity 

If you are interested in finding out more, joining the board, or being a part of a subcommittee, please reach out and let us know!