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Current Board Members 

Board President: James Spinello (Property Owner & Resident) 

Board Vice-President: Alex Ludlum (Property Owner & Resident)

Secretary: Ryan Dick (Property Owner & Resident)

Treasurer: Brendan Tobin (Property Owner & Resident) 

  • Adam Mesnick, Deli Board (Small Business Owner)
  • Barry Synoground, DNA Lounge (Small Business)
  • Beth Stokes, Episcopal Community Services (Non-Profit Housing Organization)
  • Brandon McGanty, (Property Owner & Resident)
  • Brian Pepin (Property Owner)
  • Carla Laurel, West Bay Filipino Center (Community Organization)
  • DeeDee Crosset, San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology (Educational Institution)
  • Eric Lopez (Property Owner & Resident)
  • Harold Hoogasian, Hoogasian Flowers (Small Business)
  • Henry Karnilowicz (Small Business Owner and Resident)
  • Jason Cinq-Mars, LGBTQ+Leather District (Cultural Organization)
  • Maria Jenson, SOMArts (Cultural Organization)
  • Miriam Zouzounis, Ted’s Market (Small Business)
  • Randy Maupin, Cat Club (Small Business Owner and Resident)
  • Sarah O’Rourke, Saint Joseph’s (Community Organization)
  • Tim Figueras (Resident)
  • Kevin Bixler (Property Owner & Resident) 
  • Lisa Creed (Property Owner & Resident) 
  • Stuart Collins (Property Owner & Resident) 
  • Tova Lobatz (Cultural Organization)
  • Laura Kudritzki (Small Business Owner) 
  • Jesse Tepll (Resident) 
  • Patrick Eggan (Resident) 


  • Executive
  • Safety & Services
  • Nominations
  • Finance & Governance
  • Neighborhood Identity 


  • Public Art 
  • Streetscapes & Public Realm 
  • Events & Activations 
  • Marketing & Communications 
  • Small Business 

If you are interested in finding out more, joining the board, or being a part of a subcommittee, please reach out and let us know!