Some highlights from our June 2020, Monthly Operations Report:

  • We picked up nearly 40,000 total pounds of garbage.
  • We completed 13,584 total cleaning tasks, 5,884 sweeping tasks, 2,809 hazardous tasks, and much more.

See the below graphics for more information, and please visit this link for a high resolution copy of our monthly report, and this link for a low resolution copy.

96 percent of our tasks were created by SWCBD.

This graphic shows where we performed the most tasks in June 2020.

We also want to recognize Roland L! Roland has been with SOMA West since we started in March. He has great communication, which has helped him build good relationships with the SOMA West community and gain the respect of his peers. He is very knowledgeable about the SOMA West community, which allows him to work all throughout the district. During Roland’s off time, he likes to go fishing and his favorite T.V show is “Martin”.

Some before and after pics.

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