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11th and Natoma Park Updates and Community Survey

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Calling all SOMA West Neighbors! Be sure to have your voice heard by taking the 11th and Natoma Park Survey before August 3rd!

We just had our 2nd community meeting with the SF Rec and Park on their latest design concepts for the brand new park. Three concepts were shared, and we want to hear from YOU, the community who will be using this park, on which direction you'd like to see the park design take. You can find the detailed presentation here.

Project Goals:

  • PROMOTE NEIGHBORHOOD CONNECTION: Create a space to serve a diverse and multi-generational community through a variety of park programs.
  • CONNECT PEOPLE TO NATURE: Increase everyday access to nature in this dense urban environment.
  • DESIGN FOR SUSTAINABILITY: Create a park that is climate appropriate, ecologically valuable, maintainable, and long-lasting

Presentation Highlights: 

  • The neighborhood needs more green spaces
  • This park needs to serve a variety of use cases, and there is a tension in the different needs of our diverse and growing community. The need for green and peaceful places is important, as is the need for recreational spaces for people of all ages to engage in physical activity and play. 

The Three Concept Design Directions

1. The Plaza

A green hub with seating and picnic tables connects a full-size sport court that can also function as a community plaza, with a children's play area offering dedicated zones for toddler and school age play. 

2. The Commons 

Planting areas frame a cluster of active uses along 11th and Natoma Streets, and un-programmed community spaces located in the year-round sun zone of the site. 

3. The Garden 

Strolling paths loop through the landscape to offer a sense of quiet discovery while connecting planted spaces that offer group and individual seating, nature play, and fitness. 

The site is too small for an off-leash dog park

While the neighborhood needs more places for our pups, the site would need to sacrifice most of the programming in order to allow for an off-leash play area. There will be a place outside of the park for the fur babies to relieve themselves before entering the park on-leash. 

We have to be patient, the process of design, demolition, and construction will take a while, but this project is happening! 

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Be sure to take the survey before August 3rd!