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SWCBD Employees of the Month May 2023: Gordon Rowe & Donald Johnson

Category   Operations

We are thrilled to announce that for May 2023, we have the pleasure of honoring not just one but two exceptional employees as our Employees of the Month! Each has made a unique and outstanding contribution that deserves special recognition.
Gordon Rowe

First and foremost, we proudly recognize Gordon Rowe as one of our May 2023 Employees of the Month. Gordon's commitment to excellence shines through in every task he undertakes. Recently, we received heartfelt feedback from a grateful community member who experienced Gordon's exceptional service firsthand. They expressed immense gratitude for his thoroughness and dedication when he selflessly went above and beyond to clean up a substantial mess on their block. Described as an "angel from heaven," Gordon's unwavering dedication and generosity of time have consistently earned praise from the community. We are truly fortunate to have someone of Gordon's caliber on our team.

Donald Johnson

Sharing the spotlight with Gordon is another remarkable individual who embodies our organization's values - Donald (Donny) Johnson. Donny's unwavering kindness and genuine concern for others have significantly impacted his colleagues and the community. He consistently goes the extra mile to lend a helping hand to his team members, never hesitating to take on additional work to ensure everyone's success. Donny's exceptional leadership skills were on display recently during our "Our Place in the Park" event at VMD Park. He led with remarkable poise and set an inspiring example for his team and the community.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Gordon Rowe and Donald Johnson for their outstanding contributions. Their commitment to excellence, exemplary work ethic, and positive influence on those around them genuinely embody the spirit of our organization. Thank you Gordon and Donny!