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Recording: Executive Director Christian Martin and Supervisor Matt Haney Discussion on Small Businesses

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Watch the Recording SWCBD Executive Director Christian Martin, D6 Supervisor Matt Haney, and guests for a discussion on SF Small Business. 
The SOMA West Community Benefit District joined District 6 City Supervisor Matt Haney and guests for a very special YouTube Live discussion about resources for San Francisco small businesses.
This lively was centered around resources available for small businesses in San Francisco at risk of eviction, or who are otherwise having problems with their landlord or lease, and additional free resources for small businesses.
In addition to Supervisor Matt Haney, our presenters included

  • Christian Martin (Director, SOMA West Community Benefit District)
  • Miriam Zouzounis (Commissioner, Vice President, SF Office of Small Business, Small Business Commission)
  • Vas Kiniris (Director Of Business Development at NextSF)
  • Carole Conn (Director, Public Service Programs, Bar Association of San Francisco)

If you missed it, you can see the video HERE.
If you operate a small business in San Francisco, please do not miss unique opportunities to learn about the free resources that are available to you!