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Pagsama-Sama / Carabo Mural

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SOMA Pilipinas Gathered and Celebrated Two New Murals in our Neighborhood. 

On Wednesday June 26th, SOMA West had the honor of partnering with SOMA Pilipinas to put together an event that not only shines a light on new art work in our neighborhood but also celebrate youth and seniors alike with cultural performances as well as food. 

The main attraction of the event was notably the two new murals on Folsom street done by ChiChai Mateo on 1048 Folsom and the other done by Franceska Gamez and Cece Carpio on 1052 Folsom. PAGSASAMA-SAMA (Tagalog for” joining together”) painted by ChiChai Mateo, celebrates SOMA Pilipinas’ legacy of community members coming together. We interweave like the solihiya rattan pattern, creating bursts of sun and breathing life into the neighborhood.

Funding for Franceska Gamez's Carabou Mural came from SOMA West Community Benefit District, as it has long recognized the wall on Russ at Folsom as a target for graffiti, and knowing that Russ is the site of the future SOMA Pilipinas Gateway, partnered with SOMA Pilipinas to select an artist from their network. Franceska Gamez also happens to be the artist behind the gateway sculpture's design, which you can view here. Funding for the Chi Chai Mateo Mural on Mission Hiring Hall was also through SOMA West CBD, with a grant from SFOWED. 

ChiChai was inspired by Franceska Gamez’s Pagmamana nod to Philippines wood-relief carving. Like how Filipinx craftsmen use the carvings for storytelling, these painted “wood carvings” show stories of our bayanihan’s kultura, intergenerational support, performances and creativity, activism, resistance, and joy. Gamez & Carpio's mural can be seen directly across the street. 

While a great deal of attention was placed on these great works of art, the celebration included many other marvelous performances done by Filipino Seniors, Kinder and First Grade Youth, and West Bay Moms. 

SOMA Pilipinas is a movement that is anchored in our neighborhood.
It is a living culture — a community that's conscious of history, yet embraces progress, working together to move forward in unity and SOMA West is proud to work with such and organization that strives for the bettering of the community. 

Take a further look at what else is going on with SOMA Pilipinas on their website. Some activities include a Jeepney Tour that takes passengers around SOMA to view other artworks as well as experience some traditional Filipino bites. This Jeepney was donated to SOMA Filipinas by renowned musician Tori Y Moi last year. This Jeepney quickly became a cultural asset for the district.