The SOMA West Community Benefit District was established in 2019 pursuant to the California Constitution and the Property and Business Improvement District Law of 1994, as amended and augmented by Article 15 of the San Francisco Business and Tax Regulations Code.

For more detailed information about our the SOMA West CBD, please see our Management Plan Summary, our Management Plan, and our Engineers Report.

For detailed information about our services, including a map that outlines our the areas we service, please visit our Services page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services will/does the SOMA West CBD provide?

80% of the entire budget supports cleanliness & safety improvements

Enhanced Cleanliness And Beautification Programs — Sidewalk & Gutter Sweeping * Sidewalk Pressure Washing * Graffiti Removal * Trash Removal * Landscaping Programs * Public Art Programs

Enhanced Safety Programs — Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Measures

Neighborhood Marketing and Advocacy — Destination Marketing * Branding * Events * Advocacy * Community Grants * Outreach

Why support a CBD?

Supporting the SOMA West CBD enables the district to receive services above and beyond what the City can provide. The assessments collected go entirely to the CBD and can support enhancements such as safety, maintenance, beautification and business support. The SOMA West board of property and business owners and residents make the budget decisions, which ensures direct accountability for the enhanced services. In addition, studies from across the country show that CBDs have a positive effect on property values, sales and occupancies.

Does the City reduce existing services?

No. The City of San Francisco has established and documented the base level of preexisting City services and will continue to deliver and/or pay for those services. The CBD does not replace any existing general City services. Additionally, there are community events that the City cannot provide, but the CBD can, such as Farmer’s markets, movie nights in community spaces, events for children and more. We welcome all ideas.

Who manages the SOMA West CBD?

Decisions related to the implementation of the SOMA West CBD management plan (including work programs, budgets and assessments) are made by an elected Board, composed primarily of property and business owners within the CBD. The budget provides for a full time District Coordinator who manages all initiatives. All meetings of the Board are public meetings that anyone from the community can come to and express their opinion.

Do CBDs work?

Yes, see this case study.

  • On average, CBD-maintained streets were found to be cleaner than similar commercial streets located in the same Supervisorial District.
  • CBDs have experienced declining crime prevalence similar to current citywide trends.
  • During the 07/09 recession, CBD’s retained more value in their properties, saw significantly less reductions in shopping and business, and maintained lower commercial vacancy rates.
  • CBDs have raised significant revenues from non-assessment sources like grants and donations.
  • CBDs leverage significant community leadership to support their work from the City and others.
  • The more services a CBD provides is correlated with a higher level of improvement.

What is the SOMA West CBD boundary?

A detailed map of our boundaries is on page 8 of the Engineers Report is here.

Does the CBD just react to garbage, or are properties able to get on a maintenance service plan?

We do both. We have daily foot and/or vehicle patrols that sweep and remove litter, graffiti and bio-hazards from properties within the district on sight. We currently conduct quarterly pressure washing too. We also respond to requests for services since things pop up before and after the regular foot and truck patrols and we try to be responsive to those requests as well.

What type of services does the CBD provide for maintenance (graffiti removal, sweeping or power washing of sidewalks, garbage removal, human waste removal, etc.)?

See above. We are proactively cleaning with daily patrols but please reach out if you see any of the above. Please note our business hours are currently 7:00 am – 3:00 pm, 7 days per week.

Is there a dispatch number that has been set up where homeowners can call if something needs attention that the CBD covers? An email address?

Yes, to make a service request please email: [email protected] 24/7 or call: (415) 960-7228 or (415) 937-3533 during business hours.

Please use 311 during off hours.

Is there any other information regarding the CBD that property owners / managers can utilize?

Yes, we need your written permission and consent to remove graffiti from any private property. We have a form we can send over for an authorized signature. Also, if there is a special paint match required, we ask that you provide it for our painters.

We also have a dedicated homeless outreach professional that works to refer people into services.

Are there any pamphlets that I can forward to homeowners and residents regarding the CBD?

Not yet. You can direct people to our website and newsletter located at

We’re just getting started so our programs are still developing and will evolve over time. And as you can imagine, Covid has slowed us down significantly and added extraordinary risk to an already challenging job. We’re excited to get to work with our diverse community, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions, comments or concerns.

Board Members

Board President

  • James Spinello, Stuff (Resident and Small Business Owner)

Board Vice-President

  • Alex Ludlum (Resident and Tenant)


  • Ryan Dick (Resident and Owner)


  • Brendan Tobin (Resident and Tenant)


  • Adam Mesnick, Deli Board (Small Business Owner)
  • Barry Synoground, DNA Lounge (Small Business)
  • Beth Stokes, Episcopal Community Services (Non-Profit Housing Organization)
  • Brandon McGanty, B Photography (Small Business)
  • Brian Pepin (Property Owner)
  • Carla Laurel, SOMA Youth Collaborative (Community Organization)
  • DeeDee Crosset, San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology (Educational Institution)
  • Eric Lopez (Resident and Owner)
  • Harold Hoogasian, Hoogasian Flowers (Small Business)
  • Henry Karnilowicz (Small Business Owner and Resident)
  • Jason Cinq-Mars, LGBTQ+Leather District (Cultural Organization)
  • Maria Jenson, SOMArts (Cultural Organization)
  • Miriam Zouzounis, Ted’s Market (Small Business)
  • Randy Maupin, Cat Club (Small Business Owner and Resident)
  • Sarah O’Rourke, Saint Joseph’s (Community Organization)
  • Tim Figueras (Member of the Filipino Community)