(October 30, 2020) Please note that as per the nomination procedure outlined below, nominations are now closed. We wish to thank the numerous people who submitted nomination forms, and please note that we will be contacting nominees with updates within the next few days.

SOMA West neighborhood groups have combined our efforts and passions to improve our local neighborhood safety, health, economic vitality, and aesthetics. In furtherance of this, we formed a Community Benefit District entitled the SOMA West CBD.

Community Benefit Districts (CBDs) are public-private partnerships formed in specific geographic areas to improve quality of life, build community, and promote economic activity.

CBDs provide supplemental services such as sidewalk cleaning, pressure washing, safety patrols, park maintenance, outreach, and advocacy for all local stakeholders.

As a unified community, we work together to determine what additional services to provide, and how we allocate our resources while at the same time, working as a unified voice with the City, and other local decision makers and stakeholders.

The SOMA West Community Benefit District is preparing for its first annual Board of Directors nominations. 

If you, or someone you know, would like to be considered for either a Property Owner, Business Owner, Resident/Tenant or Community-at-Large seat, please do one of the following to receive a nomination form:

  • Visit this link for the online form: [removed: nominations closed]
  • Email [removed: nominations closed] with the subject line “Nomination.” 

Board Requirements:

  1. If the nominee is a property owner or manager, they must be current on SWCBD assessments for the most current (2020) fiscal year.
  2. Nominees must actively participate on a Board Committee.
  3. Nominees must help raise funds for the Board and its activities.
  4. Nominees must support the goals and policies of the Board.
  5. Nominees must attend all regular Board meetings.

We are not merely seeking nominees to fill a seat. Rather, we seek active and committed SWCBD businesses, residents, property owners, and others who have a substantial connection with the District, and who seek to substantially improve the District.

Nomination forms must be received by Friday, October 30th, 2020 by 4 PM. Once nomination forms have been received by the Nominations Committee, all eligible nominees who wish to accept will be asked to complete a Nomination Application, due by November 6th by 4 PM. The SOMA West CBD Annual Meeting will be held on November 17th, 2020 at 4 PM. At that time, the Board will consider all nominees put forward by the Nominations Committee. 

Thank you for your support in making SOMA West one of the most dynamic districts in the City of San Francisco!

– Alex Ludlum, Nominations Committee Chair 

– James Spinello, President 

– Christian Martin, Executive Director

SOMA West Community Benefit District
1066 Howard Street  San Francisco, CA 94103


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