Western SOMA businesses, nonprofits, property owners, and residents combined their efforts and passions to improve our neighborhood’s safety, health, economic vitality, and aesthetics. Together, they recently formed a new Community Benefit District entitled the SOMA West CBD.

SoMa West represents one of the most multicultural and multidisciplinary neighborhoods in San Francisco. From its formation in 1847, our neighborhood was created to accommodate city pioneers, workers, manufacturing, and utilities. Since then, we have also become home to a variety of community activists and civil rights advocates, community celebrations, artist groups and studios, technology leaders, entertainment and nightlife. Our location, space, and accessibility makes our neighborhood increasingly important to the San Francisco Bay Area. Improvements to our neighborhood will prove fundamental to sustaining our neighborhood’s well-being.

Forming a Community Benefit District from the ground up takes time and persistence. We are encouraged by all of the support from everyone within the SOMA West CBD area – from property owners, to renters, workers, and business owners – small, larger, and everyone in between. When drawing the boundaries for SOMA West CBD, we wanted to make sure to include the entire area so that we will all benefit from a safer, cleaner, more vibrant neighborhood.

With everyone working together to spread the word and share the vision of SOMA West, we’ll finally have a solution to make this incredible neighborhood we can all feel proud of. SOMA West CBD’s goal is to make everyone’s experience in SOMA West so much better.

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