Since its inception, the SOMA West CBD has pioneered the use of data to drive community development and improvement. This ensures that our resources are allocated equitably, that we are operationally transparent, and that we are accountable to all of our community members and additional stakeholders.

Thus, the goal of this community audit is to provide open and unbiased ground truth on exactly how well the SOMA West CBD has been doing over the last year.

Some highlights from the audit report:

  • Our 2019 total service issue count was 28,000.
  • In 2020 this decreased to 17,120.
  • Our 2019 graffiti count was 2,831.
  • In 2020 this decreased to 1,067.
  • Our 2019 waste count was 1,308.
  • In 2020 this decreased to 197.

For more information, including how the audit was conducted, what was measured, and additional data, please view the slideshow below. You may also download the entire audit here.

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