We are reproducing this guidance from San Francisco DPH. The full article, which contains many additional resources, including required posters – is located here.

General requirements

Provide as much takeout and delivery services as possible. These are the safest options for dining out during the pandemic.

Remind customers that they should not eat or drink while waiting for takeout. The number of people waiting in your restaurant for takeout should not go over 20% of your normal maximum capacity.

In-person dining is allowed

Bars, wineries, and tasting rooms that are not permitted to serve a bona fide meal (what could be considered a main course) still cannot open. Bars can partner with a restaurant, but the restaurant must handle all orders.

Buffets and self-cooking options (like hotpots) are not allowed.

Screen everyone for COVID-19 symptoms before you seat them. Send people home if they feel sick.

Post a checklist of ventilation methods you’re using.

Customers at different tables should be 6 feet apart

Restaurants must be able to set up their tables so that patrons at different tables are seated 6 feet apart. You can use barriers for privacy indoors, but tables must still be 6 feet apart. Only outdoor barriers set up before December 6 may continue to use barriers to place tables closer.

Customers should not be served unless they are seated at a table. Customers should not stand between tables.

Everyone must wear face coverings

All staff must wear face coverings while at work. Customers must also wear face coverings when they are not actively eating or drinking.

You must be able to provide face coverings for customers and anyone who works for you. This includes vendors and gig workers.

Outdoor dining is safer than indoor dining

You can seat up to 6 people from 3 different households outside.

When placing tables outside, make sure you leave 6 feet of sidewalk available for pedestrians. You can get a free temporary permit to use the sidewalk, parking lane, or the entire street for dining.

You can set up umbrellas, tents, or temporary structures outside. Make sure air can flow freely through every area, including corners. No more than one side can be closed. See State guidelines about temporary structures for outdoor businesses.

Indoor dining is allowed at 25% normal maximum capacity for each room, up to 100 customers total

You can seat up to 4 people from the same household indoors. Maximum capacity includes patrons who may need to come inside to pick up a takeout meal, or outdoor diners using the restroom.

Do not seat patrons at bars or counters.

All indoor dining services must stop by 10 pm. Customers must leave by 10:30 pm.

Designate a Worksite Safety Monitor

The Worksite Safety Monitor is responsible for making sure the restaurant follows all safety requirements. The Worksite Safety Monitor must develop and implement a plan for how the restaurant will comply with all of the requirements.

The full article, which contains many additional resources, including all the required postersis located here.

The posters below are for example purposes only, and do not include every required poster.

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