The SOMA West Community Benefit District works to improve the lives of all people in our neighborhood. However, this week we were able to do more than merely improve lives.

This week we saved a life.

On Tuesday, April 13th at around 10 AM, SOMA West Ambassador Jason D. was in the process of beautifying our community and noticed someone had collapsed to the ground. Two people were trying to assist that person back to their feet, but to no avail.

Jason noticed that this person’s arms and legs were limp and that the person was not responsive, and in fact appeared to be unconscious. As Jason approached, the two people who were attempting to assist the individual gently laid the person back on the ground.

As Jason got closer, he noticed that the individual was barely breathing. He then called 911. After that, he called his supervisor via radio and alerted his supervisor to the situation.

Once alerted, the SOMA West Outreach Team was able to arrive on scene before the paramedics. Our Outreach Team noticed that the paraphernalia on the ground was indicative of intravenous opiate use and therefore administered a dose of NARCAN® Nasal Spray, as per their own training.

When paramedics arrived, the individual was breathing but was still in need of medical attention. One of the paramedics then commented “had he not received the NARCAN he wouldn’t be alive right now!

This person is still alive today due to SOMA West Ambassador Jason D. going beyond the call of duty by getting involved and helping a stranger.

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