San Francisco continues to experience a rapid and significant surge in COVID-19 cases with current projections to overload our hospitals and healthcare systems.  In accordance with the State’s recent limited stay at home order, San Francisco will comply and take action to stop the increase in cases.  Accordingly, the Health Officer is suspending and restricting certain indoor and outdoor businesses and activities. Businesses must implement the rollbacks in business capacities and other activities required under the amendments to the Order by 10 p.m. on December 06, 2020. If the surge in cases continues, the Health Officer may further restrict or suspend other activities currently allowed under Health Officer Order C19-07.

Important Note: The Health Officer ordered suspensions or restrictions on capacity limits of the activities as shown in the table below.  Suspended or restricted businesses may still engage in Minimum Basic Operations as defined in Health Officer Order C19-07.  These suspensions or restrictions amend any related orders, directives, or guidance. All impacted people and entities are required to adhere to these new limits and must otherwise continue to monitor and comply with all applicable Health Orders and Directives.

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