Some highlights from our March, 2021 Monthly Operations Report:

  • We picked up 54,025 total pounds of garbage.
  • March’s trash haul represents a +13% increase from February.
  • Sweeping made up 37 percent of all tasks.
  • We completed 20,418 total cleaning tasks, 7,617 sweeping tasks, 4,104 hazardous tasks, and much more.

See the below graphics for more information, and please visit this link for a high resolution copy of our entire monthly report, and this link for a low resolution copy.


96 percent of our tasks were created by SWCBD.

Task Activity

Our task activity has increased 18 percent, month-over-month, from February. Our week-over-week activity increased by 110 tasks from February.

Task Locations

We also wish to recognize Lawrence B. as our Employee of the Month for March!

A native San Franciscan, Lawrence knows just about everyone and everything going on in the City. Lawrence has been with SOMA West CBD since we launched  services a year ago, and he has been a consummate professional ever since. Lawrence primary works Zone 3 but he can also be found operating our pressure washing  machine. Please join us in thanking Lawrence for a job well done!

Edwin Moore

Some before and after pics.

SOMA West CBD March 2021 Before and After

Our monthly tasks map.

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