Proposed Programs & Services

Approximately 80% of the budget will go to additional cleaning and safety services provided on a daily basis in addition to all current services by the city.

Enhanced Cleaning and Beautification Programs

Sidewalk & Gutter Sweeping  -  Sidewalk Pressure washing  -  Graffiti Removal  -  Trash Removal  -  Landscaping Programs  -  Public Art Programs

Enhanced Safety Programs

Bicycle Patrols  -  Vehicle Patrols  -  Foot Patrols  -  Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety measures

Neighborhood Marketing and Advocacy

Destination Marketing  -  Branding  -  Events  -  Advocacy  -  Community Grants  -  Outreach

Management plan / engineer's report


Our Management Plan

We have finalized the Management Plan and Engineer's Report and it's been reviewed by the City. The Management Plan details the governance, budget, plus programs & services provided by the district.  We have summarized below our proposed Programs and Services for SoMa West CBD.

We have carefully studied and learned from the experiences of the 15 operating CBDs in San Francisco. Similar to other CBD's Approximately 80% of the budget will go to improving safety and cleanliness on a daily basis.

You can download the summary of our Management Plan below.  The full Management Plan and Engineer's Report can also be downloaded.

For examples of similar CBD management plans within San Francisco visit the website of the OEWD.


The Management Plan & Engineer's Report detail the services and structure of the organization. These document was mailed to all property owners along with the petition and approval ballot during the approval process.