Some highlights from our August, 2020 Monthly Operations Report:

  • We picked up 48,600 total pounds of garbage.
  • August’s trash haul represents a +21% change from July.
  • We completed 24,895 total cleaning tasks, 13,123 sweeping tasks, 3,677 hazardous tasks, and much more.

See the below graphics for more information, and please visit this link for a high resolution copy of our monthly report, and this link for a low resolution copy.


97 percent of our tasks were created by SWCBD.

Task Activity

Our task activity has increased 20 percent, month-over-month, from July.

Task Locations

We also wish to recognize Eric L. as our Employee of the Month for August!

Eric L. is a San Francisco native who has been with us since we launched services in March. Eric is one of our most versatile team members, reliably completing any task assigned to him. He works primarily in the South-Western corner of the neighborhood, so he definitely gets his steps in! When asked what his favorite part of the job at SOMA West CBD is, he stated “helping the people, especially the homeless.”

Edwin Moore

Some before and after pics.

SWCBD August 2020 Before and After

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