Some highlights from our April, 2021 Monthly Operations Report:

  • We picked up 49,175 total pounds of garbage.
  • April’s trash haul represents a -9% increase from March.
  • Sweeping made up 36 percent of all tasks.
  • We completed 19,017 total cleaning tasks, 6,884 sweeping tasks, 4,016 hazardous tasks, and much more.

See the below graphics for more information, and please visit this link for a high resolution copy of our entire monthly report, and this link for a low resolution copy.


95 percent of our tasks were created by SWCBD.

Task Activity

Our task activity has decreased 7 percent, month-over-month, from March. Our week-over-week activity increased by 110 tasks.

Task Locations

We also wish to recognize Raymond S. as our Employee of the Month for April!

Raymond S. is the employee of the month for April. His job title is “Painter”, but to our district he’s more like a Jack of all trades. Raymond not only paints and removes graffiti, he also cleans and landscapes along the way. If your building gets tagged, no matter how big or small, please call our service number  and Raymond will remove it within 48 hours.

Edwin Moore

Some before and after pics.

Our monthly tasks map.

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