Founded in January 2020, the SOMA West CBD is preparing for its upcoming year of operations. Our organization is dedicated to improving local neighborhood safety, health, economic vitality, and aesthetics. You have likely seen our crews in the neighborhood over the past year.

In preparation for our Second Annual Meeting, we are soliciting applicants to join our Board of Directors, which is open to anyone who fits the following neighborhood profiles:

Business Owner    Property Owner
Residential Tenant  Cultural Organization
Non-Profit Organization   Educational Institution

A simple online
application can be found here.

(Update: as per the Nomination and Application process outlined in this post – we are no longer accepting Board applications. We wish to thank those who responded! Please be aware that you will have future opportunities to apply for Board membership if you missed the deadline this year.)

All Board Application forms must be received by Monday, October 11th, 2021 at 4 PM.

The SOMA West CBD Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 19th at 4 PM. At that time, the SWCBD Nominations Committee will nominate new members to be confirmed by the existing Board of Directors. Successful Board Applicants will be notified via email on or before October 26, 2021.

Board Requirements:

  1. If the nominee is a property owner or manager, they must be current on SWCBD assessments for the most current (2021) fiscal year.
  2. Nominees must actively participate on a Board Committee.
  3. Nominees must help raise funds for the Board and its activities.
  4. Nominees must support the goals and policies of the Board.
  5. Nominees must attend all regular Board meetings.

We are not merely seeking nominees to fill a seat. Rather, we seek active and committed SWCBD businesses, residents, property owners, and others who have a substantial connection with the District, and who seek to substantially improve the District.

Thank you for your support in making SOMA West one of the most dynamic districts in the City of San Francisco!

– Alex Ludlum, Nominations Committee Chair
– James Spinello, President
– Christian Martin, Executive Director

SOMA West Community Benefit District
1066 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


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